Nova Consulting started in 1997 after years of MSDos, Windows 3.11, Windows NT and Windows 95 we had a demand from small businesses and schools to help implement, design and install cabling infrastructure, server and client networks with thin Ethernet networks.

This quickly progressed to implementing Fast Ethernet networks with Switches, File Servers, Email Servers, SQL Servers and from our experience with smaller primary schools and small businesses moved into larger businesses, larger educational establishments with multiple buildings, thousands of students and remote working. This has moved again to making services available from anywhere, virtualisation and data security to BSI ISO 27001 standards.

Heading the team is Roland Nowak who has been designing and building networks since 1997 and has extensive experience in designing, implementing and project managing network infrastructure projects in education, charities and businesses. Roland has been a Fellow of the British Computer Society since 2011.


Roland Nowak